CypherCon 2023

KEYNOTE: Shining a Light On Solar System Cyber Security

Sick Codes


In this talk, I will present serious issues with residential & commercial hardware used to control critical elements of the power sector. A sustained attack on the energy sector would be catastrophic, to say the very least. With novel scenarios such as ripple detectors, negative power demand, automatic street transformer tap changers, and  the risk of high household solar penetrance. Featuring the usual suspects: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and remote insecure dashboards. What could possibly go wrong? This talk will demonstrate some of my own research, as well as hopefully inspire others to perform low barrier-to-entry yet severly overlooked & under-researched points of disaster.

Sick Codes

CypherCon Keynote, John Deere Jailbreaker, & Solar Hacker

Sick Codes is an Australian hacker based in Asia. He has published research on various topics, including jail-breaking John Deere tractors, critical vulnerabilities in TCL smart TVs, ice cream machines, and major social media and software websites. He enjoys fast motorcycles, vulnerability research, and contributing to free software and reverse engineering projects. He also advocates for the rights of other researchers.