CypherCon 2024

Navigating Business Conversations on Cyber Risks

Steven Solomon


This session introduces the audience to an important field of study in behavioral economics that has implications in risk management and business decisions influencing investments in cybersecurity.

Steven Solomon


Steven M. Solomon has been challenging the status quo in cybersecurity for 14+ years as a board level security consultant.

Mr. Solomon currently represents Myriad360, a Global Systems Integrator based out of New York. His clients include Fortune 1000 companies and the United States military. His experience includes serving as a business leader, advisory board member, security consultant, security architect, and ethical hacker earlier in his career.

Back in 2010, Mr. Solomon authored a research paper on cybersecurity and its impact on US national security policy at Loyola University; advocating for strategies that would later become commonly adopted among modern day information security operations.

Today, he serves as an educator, challenger, and influencer to security leaders and company boards that are committed to improving their cybersecurity programs.