CypherCon 2024

Reconnecting to your ‘Why’, your meaningful purpose

Greg Young


This presentation covers the stress challenges which can lead to the cybersecurity professional to become disconnected to the value that they bring to those that they serve.

In this presentation, Greg will state the need for reminding  you of your “why” in the work you do, as well as share stories which underscore the differences that you make.

Importance: Those who work in professions that expose them to a great deal of chronic stress, can forget the purpose of what they do and the value of what they offer….

Greg Young

Heals many!

Greg presented for the Cyphercon conference in 2022 on the topic of ““Taking Care of You; Dealing with the cumulative stress, burnout, and depression and the challenge of dealing with complicated grief and loss due to death of someone in your community.”

Greg has presented to many different groups on the topics of “Moral Trauma and PTSD” as well as  Cumulative Stress, resilience, post-traumatic growth as well as reconnecting to your purpose. He has led teams into Ukraine and is leading a team this fall to provide training and support for Military officers and government officials  on Moral Trauma and critical incident stress