CypherCon 2024

Red Teaming an AI Platform

Nathan Lasnoski


How does a security team evaluate the safety of the AI systems exposed internally and externally?  What if the AI solution can be tricked into answering questions it shouldn’t?  How can I build protections against jailbreaking or answering questions it shouldn’t?  What about hallucinations?  … curious?  This session is for you.

Importance: This is potentially the most significant new frontier that security professionals will encounter in the next decade.  Arming security professionals with the ability to analyze an AI solution and mitigate misuse is a new skill for security teams.

Nathan Lasnoski

CIO/CTO Advisor!

I am the Chief Technology Officer of Concurrency, a CIO/CTO advisor, a 14x Microsoft MVP, and a frequent speaker at 100s of events and conferences. I help companies look at the mission of their organization through the lens of transformative technology. I have spent the last 21 years advising enterprise organizations on their technology strategy, challenging them to think boldly and with courage. I work hand-in-hand with business and technology leaders to think about their organization’s mission through the lens of technology acceleration. I am an artificial intelligence, innovation, and cloud ecosystems leader, enabling businesses to take advantage of the benefits to bring about operational savings or revenue production. I am on the short-list of Milwaukee/Midwest leaders in IT and contribute both professionally and community-wide enabling tech throughout organizations that promote everyone having a place to make an impact in tech. Having worked with 100s of companies to build technology strategies, I provide executive, strategic, and practical impact.

Career accomplishments:
• 21 years in consulting, building Concurrency as a successful company
• 14x Microsoft MVP, awarded for exemplary engagement in the community
• Board member of several organizations, such as CESMII and CEC
• 100,000+ attendees aggregately at in-person or online events
• Speaker at major conferences, such as Microsoft Ignite, Summerfest Tech, Smart Manufacturing
• Recognized expert in M&A transactions for PE firms and enterprise migration
• Helped develop a series of cloud best practices used by millions of consumers