CypherCon 2024

Saving Ryan’s Privates

Johnny Xmas


Despite strong passwords and MFA use, discover how the world’s most private digital assets are still being stolen and leaked. Join Johnny as he exposes privacy myths, common theft methods, and actionable steps to reclaim control.

You did everything right: a long and hard password, the thing that sends a code to your phone, and you even used a VPN even though you don’t know what it does but that girl on YouTube said it keeps hackers away. Everything, and yet…there they are: those full frontals you sent to your SO 3 years ago, now splayed across some website with a weird name like “” How did this happen? You don’t know, but Johnny does. Come sit in as he discusses the nonexistence of privacy, the most common methods of theft of private photos, and what you can do.

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Johnny Xmas

The Most Interesting Man in Information Security

Johnny Xmas, a prominent figure in the Information Security community since 2002, has been a dedicated contributor to public forums, sharing his extensive research and knowledge. Notably recognized for his pivotal role in exposing the American TSA Master Key leaks (2014-2018) and uncovering Venmo stalking vulnerabilities (2018).

Currently serving as the Technical Director of Cybersecurity Training at Grimm Cyber, Johnny has a rich professional history. He collaborated with the Australian firm ‘Kasada’ in countering sneakerbots and led consulting efforts for Uptake Technologies’ Industrial Cybersecurity Platform.

His diverse background includes years as a penetration tester, specializing in both IT and physical security for financial and medical facilities. He also served as a Security Engineer for a global Fortune 500 retail corporation and held roles as a Mainframe auditor and Systems Engineer in IT asset recovery firms. Johnny Xmas continues to shape and elevate the Information Security landscape with his expertise and contributions.