CypherCon 2022

Sonic Pi – A Creative Coding Movement for Everyone

Amy Upthagrove


This talk will explore the use of the Sonic Pi live coding environment as a means of using code to create music, as well as to provide an accessible gateway into more complex coding environments and applications.

Amy Upthagrove

Music, Art, and Style

Amy Upthagrove (@AmyUpthagrove) is a Milwaukee-based musician, audio engineer, and DIY organizer turned tech apprentice. Amy has performed in numerous bands – including June Gloom, Beach Static, and Intolerable Swill as well as recorded and mixed records for artists like Cream Vellum, Sauna Accident, and TORRES. In addition to producing and performing, she has led audio production workshops at the Milwaukee Public Library, Riverwest FemFest, and Girls/Ladies Rock MKE. 


In 2020, she released a collection of songs written and produced entirely using Sonic Pi called “low level drifts” by June Gloom. Amy credits Sonic Pi for being her gateway from music to coding.