CypherCon 2023

Stop, Drop, and Roll: How to Create Easy, Relatable, & Retainable Security Awareness Programs

Andrea Kittelson


At a very young age, we are taught that if we ever catch fire, to STOP! DROP! and… ROLL!
But how many times have you caught on fire?  I would venture to say zero.  The odds of us having our data stolen, impersonated or hacked are far likely, yet we make training and awareness so difficult…nothing like “Stop, Drop, & Roll”!

My approach for security awareness is similar as I make it easy, relatable, and retainable.  By incorporating senses into the security program, I have developed a true layered approach.  And by making it easy, folks are more likely to become the “CISO at home” where they teach their family and friends.  It allows for memory retention and security becomes second nature.  This is where behavior truly is changed.  This is what winning looks like in the security awareness world and reduces human risk.

Importance: IT and OT professionals who eat, sleep, and breathe security, complicate things for the average learner.  If we expect non-security people to understand and implement secure practices, we have to make it easy and retainable.  This talk is intended for anyone who:
* Manages a Security Awareness Program
* Manages Human Risk
* Needs to create a security program within their workforce
* Is looking to mature their existing security program
* Is looking for fresh ideas to revive their security program
* Is a caretaker looking for ways to teach security to their parents/children
* Wants to network with someone who eats, sleeps, and breathes security awareness!

Andrea Kittelson

Lookout Humans!

Andrea (Andi) Kittelson is a Human Risk Manager and expert at patching the human OS.   Her talents in analyzing, designing, developing, and implementing adult learning curriculum in a variety of multi-media formats, has proven to encourage employee growth and retention. She has mastered the art of lifelong learning by creating engaging and relevant cybersecurity awareness programs which help “patch the Human OS”, by addressing the unique needs of our evolving generational workforce, challenging learners to discover new concepts and adapt their behaviors accordingly. She enjoys the challenge to stay ahead of industry trends and an ever-changing environment.
“People are not the problem; they are the solution. Educated, empowered people are your best defense.” Andi Kittelson