CypherCon 2024

Superpower your Job Search with AI Tools

Lisa Saurs


Here’s a secret: hiring teams are already using AI. There are elements of AGI in the resume screeners, the profile viewers, and the candidate management tools. Those of us in the staffing and hiring function also use AI to create job ads that are both comprehensive and comprehensible. It used to screen people out just as much as it is used to include them. So let’s flip the script, job seekers. Join me as I demonstrate how to use the free and available tools that exist today, to maximize your time and efforts when you are on a job search. One of the primary reasons that less people are hearing back about their applications is that they aren’t hitting the mark on the keyword terms and the language that are needed to get the hiring teams’ attention.

This talk will teach you how to achieve maximum value for your job searching efforts, and help land you the interviews you want!

Lisa Saurs

Careers, Jobs, AI… oh my!

Lisa Saurs, MSDM has been a resident of Central Illinois since 2019, and a member of
the cybersecurity community since 2015. She currently serves as the CMO for Raices
Cyber Org, the Social Media Lead for WiCyS Chicago, and an Advisor for ISACA Illini.
In addition to her role as the Associate Director of Cybersecurity Recruiting at TBG
Cyber, Lisa also leads their cybersecurity events and media. She has a BA in Women’s
Studies, and a MS in Digital Marketing. She is from California and grew up in a small
town in the Mojave desert with her ex-Navy parents and she was the first in her
extended family to get a college degree. Online, she is the creator of the hashtag
#jobsearchsaturday and proponent of the #cyberjobs movement, which is to bring all
open cybersecurity roles to the communities’ attention. She is passionate about creating
pathways into #cyberjobs for the new-to-cyber.