CypherCon 2024

Surviving the Cyber Blaze: Preparing Cyber Warriors for Battle

Matt Meis


Firefighters must fight fires before they are on the site of a real fire. Why don’t we do the same for cybersecurity folks? How many people have actually handled a ransomware incident that work in cybersecurity? This talk will discuss methods of preparing new and seasoned cybersecurity folks for threats that are affecting their industries. From Table Tops to Cyber Ranges we will discuss what options we have.

Importance: We need to get people experience with current attacks through live fire and table top simulations. This talk will show people what a range or table top looks like and how to run one yourself.

Matt Meis

Fraud fighter

Matt is a Cyber Fraud Manager at Summit Credit Union. He has built banking fraud detection systems and started DomainAlarm to proactively detect phishing sites. He has also written and taught college level cybersecurity curriculum. In his free time Matt is currently writing a book to help individuals improve their cybersecurity posture.