CypherCon 2024

That Shouldn’t Have Worked – Payload Dev 101

Corey Overstreet


The game of bypassing defense and detection continues to be a cat and mouse game. Attackers often find clever ways to use common tools and techniques to execute their code and the defenders continue to create detections and mitigations for these methods. As a red teamer, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get around these defenses and emulate those attackers. In this talk, I will cover some of the methods we use during engagements to thread the needle and bypass those defenses.

Corey Overstreet

A game of cat and mouse.

Corey has been engaged with Fortune 500 organizations across a variety of industries, including financial services, government services, and healthcare and is widely recognized for his in-depth OSINT talks and workshops. Additionally, he is a Black Hat trainer and has spoken at conferences such as Wild West Hackin’ Fest, Texas Cyber Summit, and CarolinaCon. He has over five years of systems administration and extensive VMWare administration experience. Corey was a member of the SECCDC Red Team and is one of the top Red Team Operators at Red Siege.