CypherCon 2023

The dangers of online speech

Ken Vedaa


In this presentation, we’ll talk about the problems that InfoSec people can run into regarding threats of legal action related to their speech and comments. We will review a wide range of threats against your speech, and help identify which of these threats are likely a nuisance compared to those that can have a painful impact upon your life or career.

Importance: I’m writing this talk because many of us in InfoSec find ourselves in a position where we want or need to communicate with large audiences and may feel compelled to share information that can be upsetting to some. It is not uncommon in such a situation that a threat of legal action may follow. As a professional in a knowledge-based industry, it can be vital to understand the legal risk that you may be taking on when speaking out.

Ken Vedaa

Lawyers get all the fun!

Ken Vedaa has worked in InfoSec for nearly twenty years in various roles, including security engineer, incident responder, and consultant ranging from individual contributor to director of cybersecurity. Along the way, Ken became frustrated by the gap between security practitioners and attorneys. To address this gap, Ken spent his nights and weekends for years going to law school and eventually became an attorney. Currently, Ken is responsible for incident response for an undisclosed organization and, in his downtime, helps InfoSec workers address legal concerns, such as defamation and contractual issues.