CypherCon 2024

The rise against AI in the Threat Intelligence in the world

Fayyaz Rajpari


Intelligence has always been an integral part of everyone’s lives.  It is quite the same when it comes to threat intelligence and cyber operations.  We will distill this down to key aspects of intelligence used in cyber, how it should be segmented and then discuss the application of strategic, operational, and tactical uses.  We will end with how advancing today’s security operations can be achieved via all forms of threat intelligence but with an AI lense.

Importance: Threat Intelligence has been something that has been in my life for over 20 years every since I started doing security engineering in the early days.  It’s become more important then ever but I notice the folks in our industry are not as educated on this topic as they should be.  I think it’s important to clarify it’s needs, capabilities, and how it’s changing with the introduction of AI.

Fayyaz Rajpari

AI Threat

Fayyaz Rajpari is the CEO and Managing Partner for Intelliguards Corporation. The firm is focused on security operations build outs, threat intelligence, and solving the hard challenges for their clients. Fayyaz also sits on numerous advisory boards for cyber security tech start ups. His expertise includes serving as an Incident Responder and then later driving products for Symantec, Mandiant, FireEye, Recorded Future, and Gigamon. He also led Optiv’s Global security consulting practice.  The last 20 years he has devoted his career to all domains of cyber security with the latest interest being in blockchain security. Fayyaz continues to take pride in the enablement of the greater good of fighting evil, speaking at conferences, reading, writing and participating in the cyber security community whenever he can.