CypherCon 2024

The Tiny Atari: Retro gaming with a custom bluetooth controller

Cory Faris


A Raspberry Pi can easily be used to play retro video games. Personalizing the appearance and performance of the system can bring both challenges and joy. Several years ago, I modified several commercial Raspberry Pi cases and gifted game systems to family members. When my father expressed a desire to have one for playing Atari games, I knew I wanted to make it look as much like an Atari as possible. When a method for turning an original Atari joystick into a bluetooth controller able to communicate with Recalbox could not be found, I got to work. This presentation will walk through the steps taken and design challenges faced while building a custom bluetooth controller.

Cory Faris

Game on!

Cory is a security consultant at NCC Group where he focuses on testing AWS accounts, APIs, and web applications. He began his cyber security career 7 years ago in the Air Force conducting defensive network operations. Prior to that, Cory used his physics degree to teach science, engineering, robotics, and math in the Midwest and internationally.