CypherCon 2022


Trenton Ivey


By definition, hackers make things work in unexpected and unintended ways. To many outside this community, hacking seems like a destructive process. However, anyone that has ever created or utilized an exploit in an imaginative way knows that, at its heart, hacking is all about making something new. This talk, full of technical examples taken from opposing disciplines in information security, shows how healthy competition between makers and breakers drives progress.

Trenton Ivey

Somewhere between Red & Blue.

Trenton has had the privilege of working with teams of skilled hackers to legally compromise some of the largest organizations in the world. Trenton has also worked on several high-profile incident-response engagements to help provide the adversarial mindset as organizations respond and recover. While his focus is currently offensive research and development, he spends much of his time fostering collaboration between Red and Blue teams.