CypherCon 2024

Unraveling Common Challenges in Security Operations

Rebekah Skeete


Join me as we delve into the frequent hurdles encountered in security operations amid the dynamic cybersecurity landscape. We’ll shed light on the persistent challenges faced by security professionals across various sectors, including corporate, government, and critical infrastructure. From navigating rapidly evolving threat landscapes to grappling with limited resources and the scarcity of skilled personnel, we’ll explore the multifaceted issues at hand. Additionally, we’ll address the complexities introduced by emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, which bring forth new security risks. I’ll emphasize the importance of collaboration among stakeholders, the value of information sharing, and the development of effective incident response strategies. By recognizing and understanding these common challenges, we can better equip ourselves to protect our organizations and networks in an increasingly interconnected and vulnerable digital environment.

Rebekah Skeete


Rebekah Skeete is a Security Engineer with Schellman based in Dallas, Texas. As a member of the Infrastructure and Security team, Rebekah is part of a collaborative group of technology professionals serving as the primary technical resource to safeguard the organization’s computer networks and systems. In her role, she is responsible for planning and carrying out security measures to monitor and protect sensitive data and systems from infiltration and cyber-attacks. Prior to joining Schellman in 2022, Rebekah worked for the Texas Rangers in a myriad of roles, including Cybersecurity Analyst and Manager of IT Applications and Operations. Rebekah is the COO of BlackGirlsHack, a nonprofit organization providing black women with resources, training, mentoring, and access to increase representation and diversity in the cybersecurity field. Committed to inclusion and belonging, she holds the firm belief that representation enhances the culture and community of an organization and seeks to amplify underserved voices at any table she has a seat.