CypherCon 2024

Unveiling Secrets: Harnessing Frida, Ghidra, and Decompilers for Enhanced Analysis of Android and Apple Applications

Alex Thines


In this presentation, we delve into the realm of mobile application analysis by leveraging powerful tools such as Frida, Ghidra, and decompilers such as apktool/xCode. Mobile applications, whether on Android or Apple platforms, contain a wealth of information, from security vulnerabilities to hidden functionalities. By combining the dynamic instrumentation capabilities of Frida with the reverse engineering prowess of Ghidra and decompilers, analysts can unlock a treasure trove of insights that go beyond what traditional static analysis alone can offer. This talk will explore practical techniques for using these tools to gain deeper insights into mobile applications, identify vulnerabilities, understand their inner workings, and ultimately enhance security and performance.

Alex Thines

Likes Drones too!

Alex began his journey as a blue team analyst, he dove into the world of programming. As he sharpened his coding skills, he found not only an enhanced ability to hack but also a newfound love for programming itself. The synergy between hacking and coding intrigued him, urging him to merge the two. While learning about mobile applicationĀ hacking, he found a way to do reverse engineering, programming, and hacking applications in a more exciting manner!