CypherCon 2024

Up Close & Personnel

Chris Carlis


You work hard to defend against internet-based threats but how prepared are you when the attacker is on your literal doorstep? This session will focus on the “onsite” attack surface, common techniques that can result in network compromise, and identifying gaps in defenses before they are exploited.

Chris Carlis

Hack all the things!

Chris Carlis is an unrepentant penetration tester with an extensive background in network, wireless and physical testing. Across his career, Chris has worked to expand the value offensive testing provided via open communication and goal driven engagements. Additionally, Chris has presented at a variety of conferences, including THOTCon, HushCon, Hackfest, FS-ISAC, and various B-Side events. He is a perennial volunteer at the THOTCon conference in his native Chicago and helps to organize the popular Chicagoland “BurbSec” information security monthly gatherings.