CypherCon 2023

Watching the Watchers – Analyzing URL Scanning Solutions at Scale

Nicholas Anastasi


In this talk, Nicholas will showcase a personal project that analyzes defensive cybersecurity solutions. More specifically, he will dive into companies that scrutinize URLs within phishing emails to irk out their weaknesses and indicators that can be used to bypass modern security controls at scale. During the talk, we will have some fun with Elasticsearch, FastAPI, and Javascript wrapped up into a neat project coined “httpot.”


Nicholas Anastasi

Who watches the watchers?!

Nicholas Anastasi started his career in cybersecurity at Sprocket Security and hasn’t looked back. Continuous Penetration Testing is all he knows, and during his day-to-day, he leads the penetration testing team, writes a ton of Python, and works tirelessly to improve the Continuous Penetration Testing process. In his free time, Nicholas enjoys running, eating too much candy, and working on his homelab.