CypherCon 2024

What the Homelab?!

Jim Schultz


In this talk, Jim Schultz will discuss the advantages of building a cyber-focused homelab for continued growth and learning. In a world full of never-ending subscriptions for cybersecurity training, running a homelab with second-hand hardware and widely available software is a fun and enjoyable breath of fresh air. You will learn about common tools and technologies that can be integrated to build out a lab, common pitfalls, and other resources to get started, whether you’re a novice or pro!

Jim Schultz

There is no place like home!

Jim Schultz has a life-long passion for IT and cybersecurity with over 15 years in the tech industry. He has worked in several roles from data center technician, systems administrator, IT manager, and cybersecurity instructor. Jim thrives on learning and growing his skill set while helping others improve theirs in cybersecurity! Off-keyboard, Jim enjoys traveling, experiencing new cultures, and spending time outdoors.