CypherCon 2023

Your Board Deck Sucks!: Why you can’t get buy-in for your security program

Walt Powell


Increasingly, boards looking to better understand how cyber risk impacts their business and are looking to CISOs to provide that context. However, Many CISOs don’t possess the skills to effectively translate security into business language. This session will provide actionable guidance and shareable slideware to creating compelling stories around securely enabling business through risk reduction.

Importance: Digital transformation is turning every business into a technology business and fundamentally changing how orgs operate and deliver value to customers. As a result, boards are taking a greater interest in IT risks, which is putting more CISOs in the position of having to present to the board. Unfortunately, while board presentation skills are increasingly necessary they are not commonly taught.

Walt Powell

Or are the board members bad? 🙂

Walt Powell is an accomplished cybersecurity expert and executive coach who specializes in providing executive guidance around risk, governance, compliance, and IT security strategies.
Walt has more than a decade of experience as a cyber practitioner and security leader. He is currently a Field CISO at CDW and a founding member of the CDW Global Security Strategy Office. Prior to CDW Walt was the owner and a vCISO at Left Brain Security. Through these roles, he has had the opportunity to learn from and contribute to hundreds of CISOs and their programs. Walt holds dozens of professional certifications including CISSP, CISM, Carnegie Mellon – Heinz CISO, the Stanford Advanced Cybersecurity Certificate, and many more. He taught CISSP and CISM boot camps for years and is a member of several certification exam development committees. Walt is also an accomplished musician and father who loves to spend time with his kids.