Kris Silvers

Kris Silvers Chris Silvers

Chris Silvers

Capture the Fail: Avoiding Pitfalls When Running Your CTF

Is it possible to contribute to the security community without dropping an 0 day or coding the next nmap? How about running a CTF? Kris and Chris Silvers, creators of the OSINT CTF, share some lessons learned along their journey. They’ve run into some interesting problems — like their scoring engine’s exploitable vulnerabilities to targets changing their attack surface mid-competition — and met them all head-on. Laugh along and learn something as they walk through their toughest challenges and how they handled them.

Michelle Meas

Michelle Meas

What happens when a genome database is breached?

DNA sequencing has gotten exponentially cheaper since its invention, and is rapidly becoming a popular consumer good, given as Christmas presents and advertised on Facebook. However, the companies that perform this sequencing are effectively unregulated, and what they do with the mountains of data accumulated in this process is hardly transparent. This talk will begin with an overview of gene sequencing technology, then discuss the data actually collected by many popular companies. The talk will conclude with a discussion of how this data could be weaponized by bad actors after a data breach, both now and going forwards.

Chris Roberts

Chris Roberts

Security lessons from the Woofmutt

· Curiosity killed the cat, but in OUR world, that’s the job of an OSINT analyst.

· Speaking of cats, plan ahead, they are faster and more agile… think BEFORE acting

· Puppy eyes, drool AND sideways looks work…social engineering IS a good skill to have

· Try everything at least once, even if it means sticking your head in the trashcan…

· Always be upfront, that way there’s no miscommunication

· If at first you fail, try again; eventually you will get the chew toy on top of the bookcase.

· Never underestimate the need for a good hug

· Nothing is forever; live every moment as if it were your last.

These lessons and more will be covered, dissected AND somehow related to us as humans and us as tech folks.


Stephanie "Snow" Carruthers

Everything old is new again: A look at historic cons and their transition to a digital world

What does a pig in a poke, pigeon drops, and salting have in common? They are just a few of old school confidence tricks (cons) used from the late middle ages to more recently which swindled marks out of money. In this presentation Stephanie will cover how some famous historic cons were used in their day, and how they are now being transitioned into today’s digital world.