Jonathan Tomek

Jonathan Tomek

What the world needs now, is HAM sweet HAM

Do you know why the hacker community is so interested in HAM radio? You probably do; it is the ultimate nerd hobby. It invokes a variety of abilities involving multiple competencies and skills. What skills you may ask? Too many to list here…

Devices from IoT to satellites to power meters all use radio signals to communicate. Since security is often an after-thought, it is the wild west in the radio realm for a hacker.

Let’s introduce you to some things to increase your appetite for becoming a HAM. Whether you have an SDR laying around or hand-held you have had since the last hackercon, you should to know how to use it. For those HAMs out there, this should still get you excited to try something new. Since it wouldn’t be Cyphercon without the “cypher”, there will be some fun things here to spir the curiosity in your old hackerself.

Eric Escobar

Eric Escobar Matt Orme

Matt Orme

Remote Wireless Pentesting in a nutshell (or ammo can)

Wireless pentesting typically requires physical proximity to a target which requires time, limited resources, and constant traveling. Eric & Matt have pioneered an inexpensive device to covertly perform wireless pentests anywhere on earth. Their unique solution to the problem centers around the ability to perform a wireless pentest remotely. To achieve this lofty goal they did what any hackers would do; scrounge up pieces and parts until they had a workable prototype that could phone home via multiple LTE connections and give remote access to the wireless environment surrounding their device. Much improved since it’s tangle of wires and packing peanuts, a year later their device has compromised dozens of enterprise networks spanning 3 continents. In this talk we’ll discuss why we built it, how it works, and why we think it will revolutionize wireless pentesting.