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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) hacking is a growing communnity here at CypherCon. AI and machine learning is vulnerable to cyber attacks with it's core of modern AI—are rife with vulnerabilities. Attack code to exploit these vulnerabilities has already proliferated across the community while defensive techniques are young, limited, and struggling to keep up. Machine learning vulnerabilities permit hackers and attackers to manipulate the machine learning systems’ integrity (causing them to make mistakes), confidentiality (causing them to leak information), and availability (causing them to cease functioning). Where can hackers come into play to protect AI systems?



Jonathan Tomek & Cory Kujawski

ATT&CKing Unicorns

Matthew Lange & Gary Lobermier

Creativity 3.0: How Web3 Will Shape The Future of The Creator Economy.

Ian McCullough (Cullah)

A Hole In The Boat – How APIs Threaten Everything

Richard Bird

A “Brazillian” Different Kinds of Malware and Why Your Organization Should Care

Jared Peck


Mr. Jeff Man

The Call’s Coming from Inside the House: Authentication Proxy Attacks: Detection, Response and Hunting

Chris Merkel

Offensive Security & The Evolution of Attack Path Management

Joe Mondloch

Hacking and Defending APIs

Robert Wagner

Hunting Before Day Zero

Ryan LaBouve

No Longer a No-Go: How to Safely Scan OT Devices in Critical Environments

Chris Kirsch

Learning to Manipulate Safe Dials

Dustin Heywood (Evil_Mog)

Are they human or scripts? The level of human involvement behind RDP brute-force attacks

Andréanne Bergeron, Ph.D

Voiding your warranty, a wireless journey.

Eric Escobar

How The Sausage is REALLY Made: CloudOps for Red Teamers

John Ventura

SQL Injection: A history’ OR 1=1; —

Will McCardell

Patch? We can’t patch! An Introduction to OT/ICS Systems

Luciano Moretti

Secret Handshake: A Mutual TLS Based C2 Communication Channel

John Conwell

AI for Red Team and Malware Development

Kirk Trychel

Evading EDR by DLL sideloading with C#

Gary Lobermier

Now anyone can become a cellular provider! How anyone can build their own cellular network and how I built one for Milwaukee

Russell From

Our Cyberpunk Future is Here (Just Not Evenly Distributed)

Beau Woods

Extra description