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Blue Team

Not everything is offensive, many hackers work on the defensive side. Blue Team is a community built for and by defenders. It's a place to gather, talk, share, and learn from other blue team hackers about the latest tools, technologies, and tactics that our community can use to detect attackers and prevent them from achieving their goals. Many times, our defenders are providing our organizations from nation states!


Things Not To Do In Consulting

Leah Lofton

5 Enterprise Architectures Every Tech Executive Should Understand

Nathan Lasnoski

Don’t take me seriously.

Jeremy Bauer


Jonathan Tomek & Cory Kujawski

Needle in the Hay: A Guide to Discovering Plaintext Credentials in Enterprise Environments

Ben Burkhart

Click here to end the world: Navigating the vulnerability hype cycle.

Jonathan Rogers

ATT&CKing Unicorns

Matthew Lange & Gary Lobermier

The dangers of online speech

Ken Vedaa

Creativity 3.0: How Web3 Will Shape The Future of The Creator Economy.

Ian McCullough (Cullah)

What I learned about hacking and security from working at Hollywood Video

Ben Schmerler

Defender Advanced Threat Hunting: More than meets the Eye

Michael "Shecky" Kavka

A Hole In The Boat – How APIs Threaten Everything

Richard Bird

A World Without Passwords

Andy Jaw

Dragons Can Fly

Joe Cicero

Your Board Deck Sucks!: Why you can’t get buy-in for your security program

Walt Powell


Mr. Jeff Man

The Call’s Coming from Inside the House: Authentication Proxy Attacks: Detection, Response and Hunting

Chris Merkel

The importance of team-based cybersecurity tournaments

Andrew Paullin

How to save your SOC and what can you (or I) do to help?

Peter Wlodarczyk

Hacking and Defending APIs

Robert Wagner

Hunting Before Day Zero

Ryan LaBouve

Achieving a Threat-Informed Defense with MITRE ATT&CK

Ben Opel

No Longer a No-Go: How to Safely Scan OT Devices in Critical Environments

Chris Kirsch

Are they human or scripts? The level of human involvement behind RDP brute-force attacks

Andréanne Bergeron, Ph.D

Exposing the Threat: Uncovering the Hidden Risks to Your Cable Modem Security

Daniel Walters

Voiding your warranty, a wireless journey.

Eric Escobar

Command & Control: Malware Deobfuscation via Phishing

Robert Lerner

Preventing Zero Days, The Mandalorian Way

Anders Norremo & John Hochevar

How The Sausage is REALLY Made: CloudOps for Red Teamers

John Ventura

Patch? We can’t patch! An Introduction to OT/ICS Systems

Luciano Moretti

Executives: Overcoming the CyberSecurity Poverty Line

Robert Wagner

Ensure Your Cyber Insurance: A 4 phase approach to negotiating cyber liability policies & underwriting requirements

Walt Powell

Secret Handshake: A Mutual TLS Based C2 Communication Channel

John Conwell

Watching the Watchers – Analyzing URL Scanning Solutions at Scale

Nicholas Anastasi

Security Does Not Need To Be Fun: Ignoring OWASP To Have A Terrible Time

Dwayne McDaniel

Defending Beyond Defense

Catherine Ullman

Evading EDR by DLL sideloading with C#

Gary Lobermier

You’ve Got Mail (and Misdirected Funds): A Demo of Business Email Compromise

Drew Hjelm

PCI DSS v4.0 Is Here – Now What?

Kyle Hinterberg

Physical Penetration Testing – Tales From Our Real-life Engagements

Ryan Zagrodnik & Chad Finkenbiner

Stop, Drop, and Roll: How to Create Easy, Relatable, & Retainable Security Awareness Programs

Andrea Kittelson

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