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Hacking 101


Things Not To Do In Consulting

Leah Lofton

Bypass 101

Eric Bryce

OSINT of Physical Sites

Lukas McCullough

Defeating Alarmed Doors

Bill Graydon

Hacker 101 Intro

Trenton Ivey


Jonathan Tomek & Cory Kujawski

Click here to end the world: Navigating the vulnerability hype cycle.

Jonathan Rogers

The dangers of online speech

Ken Vedaa

Creativity 3.0: How Web3 Will Shape The Future of The Creator Economy.

Ian McCullough (Cullah)

Defender Advanced Threat Hunting: More than meets the Eye

Michael "Shecky" Kavka

Having a Hacktivism Ethos While Mitigating Unethical Sabotage

Jesse McGraw (GhostExodus)

A World Without Passwords

Andy Jaw

A “Brazillian” Different Kinds of Malware and Why Your Organization Should Care

Jared Peck


Mr. Jeff Man

The Call’s Coming from Inside the House: Authentication Proxy Attacks: Detection, Response and Hunting

Chris Merkel

The importance of team-based cybersecurity tournaments

Andrew Paullin

World War II versus Modern Day Cryptography

Randy Lee

Hunting Before Day Zero

Ryan LaBouve

Achieving a Threat-Informed Defense with MITRE ATT&CK

Ben Opel

Learning to Manipulate Safe Dials

Dustin Heywood (Evil_Mog)

Are they human or scripts? The level of human involvement behind RDP brute-force attacks

Andréanne Bergeron, Ph.D

Exposing the Threat: Uncovering the Hidden Risks to Your Cable Modem Security

Daniel Walters

Voiding your warranty, a wireless journey.

Eric Escobar

How The Sausage is REALLY Made: CloudOps for Red Teamers

John Ventura

SQL Injection: A history’ OR 1=1; —

Will McCardell

Patch? We can’t patch! An Introduction to OT/ICS Systems

Luciano Moretti

Secret Handshake: A Mutual TLS Based C2 Communication Channel

John Conwell

Security Does Not Need To Be Fun: Ignoring OWASP To Have A Terrible Time

Dwayne McDaniel

PCI DSS v4.0 Is Here – Now What?

Kyle Hinterberg

Physical Penetration Testing – Tales From Our Real-life Engagements

Ryan Zagrodnik & Chad Finkenbiner

Meet Security Planner (Or: How to Help Your Non-Technical Friends and Family Stay Safer Online)

Yael Grauer

Stop, Drop, and Roll: How to Create Easy, Relatable, & Retainable Security Awareness Programs

Andrea Kittelson

What’s Right in Cybersecurity

Matteo Rebeschini

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