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Social Engineering



Jonathan Tomek & Cory Kujawski

ATT&CKing Unicorns

Matthew Lange & Gary Lobermier

Creativity 3.0: How Web3 Will Shape The Future of The Creator Economy.

Ian McCullough (Cullah)

How to reverse engineer your cyber security career

Stuart Mitchell

Having a Hacktivism Ethos While Mitigating Unethical Sabotage

Jesse McGraw (GhostExodus)

A World Without Passwords

Andy Jaw

A “Brazillian” Different Kinds of Malware and Why Your Organization Should Care

Jared Peck


Mr. Jeff Man

The Call’s Coming from Inside the House: Authentication Proxy Attacks: Detection, Response and Hunting

Chris Merkel

Hacking and Defending APIs

Robert Wagner

Achieving a Threat-Informed Defense with MITRE ATT&CK

Ben Opel

Learning to Manipulate Safe Dials

Dustin Heywood (Evil_Mog)

Are they human or scripts? The level of human involvement behind RDP brute-force attacks

Andréanne Bergeron, Ph.D

Exposing the Threat: Uncovering the Hidden Risks to Your Cable Modem Security

Daniel Walters

Voiding your warranty, a wireless journey.

Eric Escobar

Command & Control: Malware Deobfuscation via Phishing

Robert Lerner

Preventing Zero Days, The Mandalorian Way

Anders Norremo & John Hochevar

Patch? We can’t patch! An Introduction to OT/ICS Systems

Luciano Moretti

Security Does Not Need To Be Fun: Ignoring OWASP To Have A Terrible Time

Dwayne McDaniel

AI for Red Team and Malware Development

Kirk Trychel

Instantly improve your memory with these five mind hacks

Dr Sudesh Kannan aka Dr K

You’ve Got Mail (and Misdirected Funds): A Demo of Business Email Compromise

Drew Hjelm

Physical Penetration Testing – Tales From Our Real-life Engagements

Ryan Zagrodnik & Chad Finkenbiner

Meet Security Planner (Or: How to Help Your Non-Technical Friends and Family Stay Safer Online)

Yael Grauer

Stop, Drop, and Roll: How to Create Easy, Relatable, & Retainable Security Awareness Programs

Andrea Kittelson

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