Check out our 2020 specialty areas called Villages! Can you learn and master an area? Are you prepared to show off your elite skills volunteering at a village? Are we missing something? Think we should have a new area? Contact Us

Capture the Con

Gather up scores from various parts of the conference into one collective gamification of the con! Tricks will be up our sleeves!

Hacking 101

Looking for a place to start? We have all been there before. Dive in here with friends. They’ll set you down a path into a new world.

Cypher Village

Bring your mind for CypherCon’s highlighted village of puzzles, can you crack and decode the secret messages?

Lock Picking Village

Try your hand at lock picking sports and take on our exciting competitions! Try your hand at our custom built picking stations or participate in the following challenges: Progressive Locks and Handcuffs.

Safe Cracking Village

Understand how to manipulate and exploit safes. Nobody was able to open the old safe in the Safe House at Cyphercon 1.0, so we figured this village would help educate hackers for another shot.

Hardware Hacking Village

Purchase a kit, build it, and hack all the things! Learn with purchasable hands-on electrical circuit kits and components! Come learn about hardware hacking and basic concepts of electrical engineering, surface-mount soldering, and circuit design!

Password Cracking Contest & Village

Hashes hashes everywhere, lookout for GUI! Join the contests!

Virtual Reality Experience

What world is the base world? Nobody can tell, discover new far off lands.

Sensory Hacking Village

How you experience the world can be manipulated and hacked. Check out experiences here.

Bio Hacking Village

The final technological frontier is you. Biological beings are information and information can be hacked, exploited, and experimented with. Cross into a world where cybernetic devices, ethics, and body modifications bend what is human.

Internet of Things (IoT) Village

IoT Village delivers thought leadership advocating for security advancements in Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The village will consist of the following events: an in person objective-based contest, similar to a CTF ; a surprise contest that will take place at random times throughout the conference; opening hacking on IoT devices; and Q&A with our security researchers.

Wireless Hacking Contest & Village

Everything is connected via wireless networks, we show you how to defeat those limitations. Hands on excitement! Join us for the wCTF!

Game Console Hacking Village

The hacking of consumer electronics, most importantly games, is an increasingly common practice which hackers perform in order to customize and modify their console systems beyond what is typically possible.

Vintage Systems Hacking Village

Blast to the past with the Chicago Classic Computing crew that is keeping our history alive! What does it take to keep these 20+ year old systems alive today? What could you do with these old systems?

Espionage Village

Espionage and disinformation have a millennia-long tradition in statecraft. Learn the similarities of traditional espionage and the danger of mixing those mindsets into Cyberespionage & Cyberwarfare. Do you know who the allies are?

Career Hacking Village

Breaking into our rising within InfoSec? Gather among friends for resume assistance, interview guidance, and mentoring.

AI Village

Will the mass collection of data and deepfakes shape our world? Very Likely, find out more here.

Wisconsin Hacker History

We can’t move forward without understanding our past. To truly understand hackers, you must understand how we arrived at the present. Wow yourself with information, “That started in Wisconsin?!