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Hacking 101

Learn the ways of the black hats!


The OSINT Capture the Flag anyone can play!!

Hardware Hacking

Use the physical to beat the digital. Try soldering a kit!

Code Hacking Village

Start with the code, work your way to the hacks!

Lock Picking

The classic breaking-and-entering—without all the complexity.

Safe Cracking

Like Lock Picking, but more secretive. Break in and grab the loot!

VIM Hacking

Nobody knows how to escape…

ISP Hacking Village

This is a rare chance to experiment with ISP hardware that is typically inaccessible, and a unique opportunity to test and learn about things that few ever get to experience.

Wireless Capture the Flag

Like CTF, but remote!

AI Village

All about the machines that think!

Vintage System Hacking

Hey, it’s legacy! Learn how to break into it.

Game Hacking

Sweet, sweet point system—at my command!

Capture the Flag

Sakebomb challenges you!

Cypher Village

If it looks like gibberish, it’s for us.

Sensory Hacking

All-things reality; break into it!

BlockChain Village

The future of trustless proof of concepts & efficient economy

Career Hacking

Build a better future… by cracking the code!

Espionage Village

The secrets of the world’s best spies… that you’ve never heard of.

Wisconsin Hacker History

Top of the line hackers, learn all about them.

Cypher Forest Challenges


Virtual Reality Village

Better than normality; learn the best of VR!

Adversary Village

Who are the enemies?

Bypass Village

Pick? Bash? Bypass

Interactive Art

Spam? Ping Pong Balls?