CypherCon 2023

AI for Red Team and Malware Development

Kirk Trychel


Machine Learning and AI-based applications are here and having a dramatic impact in a very short time. Now is the time to consider how these systems will impact the information security industry. In this talk, I will present ideas for Red Teams to begin to incorporate Machine Learning and AI into their operations and research. I will also do a deeper dive on AI assisted malware development. My hope is to give Red Teams and researchers some tools to begin to use AI right away, and inspire the audience to think about how AI can be leveraged for security purposes in the future.

Kirk Trychel

AI for Red Team & Malware Development

Kirk Trychel is a Senior Red Team Engineer with and a lifelong hacker. He has lead Red Teams with the Department of Defense, Secureworks Adversary Group, and CrowdStrike Adversary Emulations. Always eager to hack the newest technology, Kirk has produced original research across many areas of offensive security. His diverse experience combines with a passion to understand and expand attack surfaces, and do what defenders have not considered. Besides breaching systems, Kirk loves sharing his knowledge with the community and helping enhance organizations’ security posture.